Creating Territory Futures Through Apprenticeships

In Nov 1999 Top End Group Training Pty Ltd secured the contract for the Australian Apprenticeship Centre. In July 2015, Top End Group Training Pty Ltd secured the 2015-2018 Australian Apprenticeships Support Network Contract, which has been extended to 2019 and trades as Australian Apprenticeships NT. Australian Apprenticeships NT continues to provide an invaluable service to Apprentices and Employers and many other stakeholders that play a part in the Australian Apprenticeships scheme.

GTNT Group AASN Services is the only Australian Apprenticeship Network in the NT and is unique in the fact that we are jointly funded by both Australian Government and NT Government to provide both administrative and regulatory functions on their behalf.

GTNT Group AASN Services are part of many different NT based Committees and Working Groups and will continue to hold these representations to better improve the uptake and completions of Australian Apprenticeships in the NT.

GTNT Group AASN Services on request can provide Information Sessions directly with schools, employers and potential apprentices and trainees.

GTNT Group AASN Services has a joint contract which is jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory Government. GTNT Group AASN Services services all remote communities and Growth Towns, this includes Gateway Services, In-Training Services, regular monitoring visits, sign ups, information sessions, mediation assistance, networking with stakeholders, marketing and promotions of Australian Apprenticeships Pathways and any additional services to Australian Apprentices and Employers as required. GTNT Group AASN Services operates full time sites in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.