General Information

What is an Apprenticeship

Australian Apprenticeships are a formal, structured employment and training arrangement, subject to a registered Training Contract and Training Plan and linked to an industrial award or agreement.

Australian Apprenticeships offer real benefits to business. An employer who takes on an Australian Apprentice can benefit from the practical skills and the latest industry knowledge their employee acquires through training.

Australian Apprenticeships are flexible; the training can be on-the-job, off-the-job or a combination of both. The training has been developed by industry for industry, so the Apprentice is getting the right skills for their future and your business.



Australian Apprenticeships NT also host bi-annual forums, that cover information on the Australian Apprenticeships NT system and benefits.  Click here if you would like to be added to the mailing list, or receive further information on these forums and upcoming events.  We can also come out at any time and provide information sessions for your specific needs.

Industrial Relations

For all Industrial Relations matters including award rates, employer obligations, public holidays and allowances contact the free Australian Apprenticeship Helpline on 1300 302 675.

There are a number of priority groups that Australian Apprenticeships NT is encouraging employers to consider when reviewing their staffing requirements. Students doing School-based Apprenticeships, Indigenous Australians, mature age workers and people with disabilities are often overlooked by employers but represent a large pool of potential employees. There are also a number of support initiatives and incentives that employers may be eligible for by taking on people from these groups.

Apprentices and trainees are vital to ensuring that our industry and many other trades and vocations continue to strive.

 Matthew Timms, Director - Power Concepts

Providing opportunity to young people to not only gain a trade and better their employment opportunities for the future but, to give them direction in life and a sense of self-worth.

Jeff Rees, Director - Combined Electrical

Steps involved in commencing an Apprentice


Identify a training need and opportunity for employment of an Australian Apprentice.


Contact Australian Apprenticeships NT for advice on the most appropriate Australian Apprenticeship training program to suit your position. Australian Apprenticeships NT will provide you with a list of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) able to deliver the training required for the Australian Apprenticeship as well as contact details to obtain information on appropriate wage rates.


Contact the RTO's on the list provided who are approved to deliver the qualification. Ascertain which training provider will best meet your needs. It is advisable to check what fees if any apply and the method of training delivery (ie. on the job, off the job, block release etc). To view a full list of RTO's, please visit and search the qualificaion


Recruit a person suited to your Australian Apprenticeship position. You can do this yourself or use the assistance of Job Services Australia or Group Training Organisations (see contacts). You can also visit the Apprenticeships Central website where you can peruse a number of potential Apprentices and Trainees.


Contact Australian Apprenticeships NT on (08) 8935 8200. A Support Network Officer will contact, visit and assist you to complete the Training Contract and conduct a commencement visit with you and your Australian Apprentice.

* Please note that it is a requirement under the Northern Territory Employment and Training Authority Act for the Training Contract to be received by Australian Apprenticeships NT no later than 14 days from the commencement of the Australian Apprentice.


Once a Training Contract is received, Australian Apprenticeships NT will register the Contract or if necessary, will contact you for further information. When all required information is received, the Training Contract will be registered and assessed for eligibility for Australian and Northern Territory Government Incentives.


You will receive a ‘Notice of Registration’ as well as the Employer and Australian Apprentice copies of the Registered Training Contract. This will confirm that the Training Contract has been registered and assessed in the Northern Territory.

Employer Incentives

Australian & Northern Territory Government Incentives

Australian Apprentices Support Network administer and facilitate all Australian Apprentice and Employer incentive payments on behalf of the Australian and Northern Territory Governments. If you directly employ an Australian Apprentice (apprentice or trainee), your business may be eligible for incentives and your apprentices and/or trainees may be eligible for personal benefits. 


Australian Apprentices Support Network use the Government’s new SmartForm functionality to process Government incentives on behalf of employers.  From 1 July 2015, Training Contracts and Claim Forms will be electronic, using SmartForm functionality developed by the Department of Education and Training. Training Contracts will be completed using a mobile device and stylus (to capture signatures) while access to Claim Forms will be via a secure URL contained within an email sent to the claim recipient.  To ensure all eligible incentives are paid without delay, Employers need to supply their email address to Austrlaian Apprenticeships NT via email to

For more information 

On Australian Government and Northern Territory Government Incentives, please follow the links below:

  • Summary of Australian Government Australian Apprenticeship Incentives Programme
  • Employer Incentives & Assistance - Northern Territory Government
  • Workwear/Workgear Bonus Scheme

Tips to sucessfully completing the SmartForm

  1. Make sure you add to your email safe list so Claim SmartForm emails don’t end up in your junk mail!
  2. Make sure you have your current email address listed
  3. For best results use a desktop, laptop or tablet divice instead of your mobile phone
  4. You must ensure that your apprentice or trainee authorises the Claim SmartForm as well, and if they are not available you are able to upload evidence of wages to prove the apprentice or trainee was empoyed at the claim effect date. 
  5. If Australian Apprenticeships Support Network require further information to finalise the Claim SmartForm, one of our friendly team will be in contact. 

A detailed guide on how to submit the SmartForm will be available online in the near future. If you have any queries in regards to completing the SmartForms, please contact our Claims team on (08) 8935 8200 or email

Employer Benefits

  • Employing an Australian Apprentice is a great way to recruit, develop and retain quality staff for a wide range of industries.
  • Well trained staff improves and adds value to the business.
  • Flexible choice of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who can provide off-the-job training to your Australian Apprentice can negotiate timing, location and nature of the training to suit the business needs.
  • The business may be eligible for some financial incentives. Eligibility is assessed upon registration of the Training Contract.
  • The business may be eligible for payroll tax rebates/exemptions and workers compensation premium exemptions. Confirm eligibility with an accountant or tax advisor.
  • Australian Apprenticeships NT assists the employer with the required documentation and monitors the progress of the Apprentice via a number of visits throughout the training period.

For a summary of all Australian Government Incentives and Initiatives visit

Thinking of hiring an Australian Apprentice? A Smart Business Decision.

Group Training Organisation

Group Training Organisation (GTO’s) employ apprentices and trainees and are responsible for ensuring those employees receive suitable training, on-the-job experience and appropriate support. To achieve this aim, GTOs will find a suitable ‘host’ employer for the apprentice or trainee to work with on a day-to-day basis.

Apprentices and trainees employed by GTOs may spend their entire apprenticeship or traineeship with one host employer who can offer a well-rounded training and employment experience. Alternatively, they may be rotated around a number of host employers who can each offer a specialised area of training.

Entities that are recognised as GTOs in the NT will have met the requirements of this policy and the National Standards for Group Training Organisations.

Recognition of GTOs and the employment of apprentices and trainees in the NT are governed by this policy and the Training and Skills Development Act 2016 respectively.

The Northern Territory (NT) Government recognises the key role that group training organisations (GTOs) play in creating and maintaining training and employment opportunities for Territorians. GTOs collectively are the largest employer of apprentices and trainees in the NT and are vital to the further growth of the apprenticeship and traineeship system.

The NT Government through the Department of Trade Business and Innovation through Workforce NT is committed to supporting a high-quality group training network underpinned by the National Standards for Group Training Organisations and a policy framework that encourages GTOs to provide appropriate training and support to apprentices and trainees, meet the need of industry and grow apprenticeships and traineeships in the Territory.

The department recognises that there are a range of contributing factors that affect the ongoing viability of GTOs in the NT. The department will work in partnership with GTOs to increase apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities, in particular for Aboriginal and disadvantaged Territorians, and to assist GTOs to identify strategies that maximise structured employment and training opportunities in the industry growth areas.

Current GTO’s in the NT

Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES)

47 Cavenagh Street, Darwin NT 0800, (08) 8911 1542


AFL SportsReady

TIO Stadium, Abala Road Marrara NT 0812, (08) 8945 2224

Electro Group Apprentices

51 Berwick Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, (07) 3852 2822 


  • Building 2, 116-120 Coonawarra Road, Winnellie NT 0800, (08) 8980 0600
  • 2/9 Whittaker Street, Alice Springs NT 0871, (08) 8955 6900
  • 1/12 Katherine Terrace, Katherine NT 0851, (08) 8965 1222
  • 65 Staunton Street, Tennant Creek NT 0871, (08) 8955 6990

Myriad Group Training

46 The Mall, Smith Street, Darwin NT 0800, (08) 8941 5959

Tiwi Islands Training & Employment Board

Lot 2162 Armidale Street Stuart Park NT 0820, (08) 8941 5988

Programmed Skilled Workforce Limited

51 Coonawarra Road, Winnellie NT 0820, (08) 8985 9620

Housing Industry Association Ltd

651 Stuart Highway, Berrimah Business Park, Berrimah NT 0828, (08) 8995 6300

Frequently Asked Questions


Does that mean I can choose to have an apprentice or trainee for only as long as I need them?

Yes. GTNT offers the flexibility that direct employment can’t. If your business requirements change and you find the apprentice or trainee is no longer needed then with GTNT you can make changes.

If I use GTNT do I still receive the government incentive payments for taking on an apprentice or trainee?

Yes, you still receive the benefit of Australian Government incentive payments. GTNT claim any incentive payments on your behalf and offset them against your account.

Can I choose the apprentice or trainee? Will they be a good fit for my business?

Yes. GTNT understands how important it is to get the right fit between the apprentice or trainee and your business. We will consult with you extensively and our proven recruitment experience will lead to increased job stability and higher levels of performance.

Who monitors the apprentice or trainee’s training progress?

GTNT’s expert Employment Specialists, specifically assigned to your business work with apprentices and trainees to monitor their learning progress. They ensure your apprentice or trainee is on track to complete their qualification and is developing the skills needed to be successful in the workplace by regularly liaising with the Registered Training Organisation.


Who is involved in an Apprenticeship/Traineeship?

Partner Organisation or Employer

GTNT as the employer of your apprentices and trainees will facilitate recruitment, selection, provide management and mentoring support of training to ensure retention, facilitate payroll, and monitor workplace health and safety.

GTNT are flexible in providing your organisation with as much input in the apprentice management as desired. Alternatively, if you wish to legally employ your apprentices and trainees, you can do so and GTNT can assist with our management service.


An apprentice/trainee could be entering the workforce for the very first time, wanting to work in a particular the industry. Or perhaps you have an existing worker who wants to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship.


If the apprentice or trainee is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the National Training Contract as this is a legally binding document that outlines the agreed length of training and the type of apprenticeship or traineeship being undertaken.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

This is the organisation that will deliver the training, conduct assessments and issue the nationally recognised qualification upon completion of the apprenticeship/traineeship. Training may take place on the job or away from the workplace.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Providers

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider - Australian Apprenticeships NT (AANNT) are contracted by the Australian Government to provide information, support and assistance to employers, apprentices and trainees to assist them with the sign-up and administration of their National Training Contract.

They are also able to provide targeted services to identified individuals and employers to help them successfully complete their apprenticeship or traineeship arrangements. AANNT are the body responsible for registering the National Training Contract. Any changes to the National Training Contract must be approved by the Northern Territory Government.


We're here to help if you have enquiries. 

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