Employing an Australian Apprentice can give your business real benefits.

Australian Apprenticeships are a formal, structured employment and training arrangement, subject to a registered Training Contract and Training Plan and linked to an industrial award or agreement.

Australian Apprenticeships offer real benefits to business, and an employer who takes on an Australian Apprentice can benefit from the practical skills and the latest industry knowledge their employee acquires through training.

Australian Apprenticeships are flexible; the training can be on-the-job, off-the-job or a combination of both. The training has been developed by industry for industry, so the Apprentice is getting the right skills for their future and your business.

You can employ an Australian Apprentice:

  •     part-time,
  •     full-time or
  •     while they are still at school.

When you hire an apprentice you may be eligible to receive incentives. Incentives are subject to eligibility criteria, waiting periods and time limits.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provides advice and help with recruiting, training and retaining Australian Apprentices.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provides help you throughout the apprenticeship. We will:

  •     help you find an apprentice and registered training organisation
  •     provide a training contract for you and your apprentice to sign
  •     assess your eligibility for incentives
  •     help you work out timing and location of off-the-job-training
  •     provide advice and support you during the apprenticeship.

Wages for Australian Apprentices depend on many factors including:

  •     age of the apprentice
  •     year of training
  •     type of qualification, and
  •     industry or occupation.

Australian Apprentices have the same rights as all other workers in Australia. You can find out more information on the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

If your business cannot offer the full range of skills an apprentice needs to work in the industry or the amount of work they are required to complete during their training, then consider using a Group Training Organisation (GTO). GTOs can organise for you to host an Australian Apprentice, or share one with another business. Learn more about GTOs below.


Australian Apprenticeship Support Network host bi-annual forums, covering information on the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network system and benefits. Visit here for more information on the bi-annual forums.

Group Training Organisations

Some organisations hire apprentices and trainees and place them with host employers. These organisations are called Group Training Organisations (GTOs). They operate across Australia with some specialising in particular industries, while others cover many.

GTOs complete employer duties, which include:

  •     selecting and recruiting apprentices and trainees
  •     paying wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation, sick/holiday pay and other employment benefits
  •     managing the quality and continuity of training, both on and off the job
  •     providing any care and support the apprentices needs to complete their training.

The goals of GTOs include:

  •     create more employment opportunities for apprentices and trainees
  •     provide for continuity of employment and training through to completion
  •     improve the quality and range of training available to apprentices and trainees.

To achieve these goals, GTOs:

  •     employ apprentices and place them with host employers
  •     are responsible for meeting the employer obligations outlined in the Training Contract
  •     manage and track arrangements with host employers
  •     provide any necessary care and support throughout the apprenticeship.

Many GTOs also:

  •     move apprentices and trainees between host employers to
  •     enhance their training experience, and
  •     ensure they receive the full set of experiences needed to meet their required competencies
  •     provide access to apprenticeships for those who may be hindered in the labour market;
  •     provide services to the community
  •     promote of vocational education and training
  •     encourage employment growth.

Below is a summary of the active GTO's in the NT:

AFL Sports ReadyDarwin08 8210 1300
Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES)


Alice Springs

02 8571 0999

08 89502300



Alice Springs


Tennant Creek

08 8980 0600
MaximaDarwin1300 669 859
Myriad Group Training CompanyDarwin08 8941 5959
Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd (MMTC Ltd)Darwin03 5033 1216
Programmed Skilled Workforce LimitedDarwin

08 8930 3200

0417 930 074

Tiwi Islands Training & Employment BoardDarwin08 8941 5988
Trainee and Apprentice Placement Services (TAPS)Darwin08 8433 1200

Group Training can be particularly helpful to small and medium sized businesses that:

  • find committing to an apprenticeship difficult
  • lack the resources to manage an apprentice
  • are unable to provide the full on the job training required for an apprenticeship.

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