1:06 AM, 01 May 2018

Minister Andrews, apprentice ambassadors, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to celebrate the successes of the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network on the occasion of our 20th Birthday.

How apt it is that we start the celebrations nice and early on a cold autumn morning in Canberra, like so many of the 4.7 million apprentices and trainees we’ve placed since 1998, who start at the crack of dawn in a bid to kick start their careers.

Since ’98 we’ve organised the Training Contracts for 235,000 apprentices and trainees each year, around 1,000 per business day across the length and breadth of Australia.

Let’s think about that for a moment. That means today:

  • A field officer from AANNT could be signing up an Aboriginal Health Worker (HLT30113) in Maningrida in Arnhem Land
  • JobNet could be placing a plumbing apprentice (CPC32413) in Launceston through their Gateway service
  • AMA could be doing a WHS assessment before commencing an Able Seawoman (MAR30116) in Albany
  • Verto could out in Cobar at Bruce’s Contracting Services signing up a Civil Construction Plant Operator (RII30815)
  • MAS National could be arranging for a Logistics Support Officer (TLI21815) to start in Adelaide
  • Apps Matter could be arranging for an Aged Care Activity Worker(CHC43015) to get a promotion in Warnambool
  • Busy at Work could be at Mount Isa completing arrangements for an Assistant Mine Manager (RII50115) to start their new role
  • MREAL could be on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait commencing an Aviation Maintenance Worker (MEA20415)

And closer to here:

  • MEGT could be starting a Warehousing / Waste Control Trainee (MEM20105) in Fyshwick
  • ASA could be starting a Digital Network Operator (ICT20315) in Dickson
  • And Sarina Russo could be signing up a Construction Worker (RII30915) on Canberra’s Metro rail project

Plus, the 989 other diverse careers the Apprenticeship Network Providers will help commence today. 

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network is exactly that. We support all apprenticeships and traineeships across all vocations across every jurisdiction in Australia.

The 11 companies that comprise the network have mostly been doing this since the first Apprenticeship Centre Contract commenced on May1st 1998.

We’ve helped gear up for the Olympics in Sydney and the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. We’ve seen off the Y2K bug and the GFC.

We’ve supported the mining construction boom and now we are focused on growing the health and community services workforce.

The network is 20 years old and through the 4.7 million Training Contracts we’ve organised and monitored, apprenticeships have avoided the periodic rorts other training programs have  experienced.

Helping keep Australian Apprenticeships as the jewel in the VET crown, renowned globally for our high participation rates, rigorous and diverse qualifications mix and support for disadvantaged groups.

Along the way we have determined the eligibility of $9billion of incentives to employers and payments to apprentices. At 20 we have navigated our journey from adolescence to adulthood, like so many of the young people we assist. 

In the latest iteration of our services we can now help employers find the right apprentices through our Gateway service and we can mentor the apprentices through our In-Training support, if they experience difficulties.

In the next contract, we hope to strengthen these services further by uncapping the number of people we can assist, improving our data analytics and continuing to build our best practice evidence base.

Like most 20 year olds we’re are champing at the bit to get stuck in to the next challenge and take Australian Apprenticeships to the next level.

So, Happy Birthday AASN, may the next 20 years see another five million Australians prosper through their apprenticeship or traineeship with our help.

Thank you