10:45 AM, 15 Mar 2019

Niki commenced her apprenticeship in May 2017, choosing to undertake her Certificate III in Beauty Services with PureSkin Face & Body clinic. She states she has always been very passionate about the beauty industry and how rewarding it is, Niki knows she made the best choice for her future since beginning her apprenticeship.

She thoroughly enjoys specialising in customer treatments, due to the satisfaction of treating/ helping others.
Her biggest challenge is making sure she completes the treatment to the best of her ability, to receive positive feedback and trust from customers.

“Being in an apprentice is great, because you are able to be at the workplace and university”

PureSkin has helped Niki start making contributions to the community, such as donating her time and services. Through an event that was held to raise money for the leukemia foundation.

After this event Niki has begun helping in other ways, like donating clothes to the salvation army and placing spare change in Niki explains how she really enjoys her theory studying time once a week at Charles Darwin University, this allocated time in class helps her have a better understanding of the treatments and how they work.

After her lessons, she can go back to the salon and understand the specials they offer a bit more and practice hands on. Niki hopes to expand her knowledge within the industry and head down south to study more training in lashes, brows and skin.

“As an apprentice, less people trust your services, so you have to prove yourself”

Niki would like to say to future apprentices in the beauty industry. “Enjoy the 1-4 years of studying”, because learning new important techniques and procedures may be tough. But always keep your mind clear and practice while at work and Uni. So, you can focus on the end goal.  

“Don’t want to miss out by being distracted by things, that shouldn’t be distracting you at all”