8:49 AM, 23 Mar 2022

Finalist: 2022 GTNT Group Awards – David Beavington Most Outstanding Automotive Apprentice

Qualification: Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology

Host Business: South32-GEMCO

India’s life changed for the better the moment she received the life changing call to say she was successful in the interview process for an apprenticeship with South 32-GEMCO.

For India, this journey has been her biggest accomplishment in her life. She never thought that she would feel so excited about work, to have this much love for the job and said, “the motivation to keep learning is unreal”.

India learned early on that an apprenticeship is what you make it, and if you are keen to learn, people will want to teach you. South32 wants their apprentices to be as qualified and skilled as they can be, and the quality of training India has access to on Groote Eylandt is second to none.

“When I tell women this is what I do for work and love it, there’s so many that say they want to but are afraid and I love telling them all the great things about the industry.”

What impact did your studies/work have on your life?

The auto electricians that my workshop have are just so awesome and have shown me nothing but kindness, patience and I feel are just as keen to show me things as I am keen to learn.

I have always had a positive experience with GTNT Group. My employment specialists with GTNT Group have been so helpful and you can tell that they just want the absolute best for you. 

One of the main reasons I absolutely love Groote Eylandt is because although we are here to work, the camp on the island is like a little community with things in place every week to get people together, trivia night being one of my favourites.

Fun Fact!

I previously come from the beauty industry before I moved to Darwin, and I used to volunteer in a program called “Shine” which was an awesome program to help teach Indigenous and young girls basic life skills, including how to do their hair and makeup. Being a part of that was an absolute privilege.